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The majority of your weight loss resides in your eating. But how you feel during that weight loss resides in your movement. Yet how well you honour either, resides in the consciousness you bring to them.

Today’s episode about mindfulness and consciousness views these as distinct skills you can develop that will make all the difference to your weight loss efforts. Mindfulness brings non-judgemental awareness to the moments of your life, while consciousness brings wise practice to the choices of your life. Both skills are also essential for enhancing your quality of life.

When you’re reaching for excess food or dismissing movement, there’s a need presenting...


In this episode we’ll explore why mindfulness and consciousness need to be practiced together to create lasting change. We’ll dig into how every choice can be an experiment and how this perspective is key to weight loss. We’ll also hear from Rita, a seasoned client, and how she’s been able to lift herself from a dark place since she began her Conscious Weight Loss journey and started working with these concepts.

Topics discussed in this episode:

● The problem with the ‘eat less, move more’ mentality of weight loss
● Why practicing non-judgement is important to your weight loss journey
● What it means to take a mindful moment and why that matters
● How language influences the way you feel about your food choices
● Why attachment to outcomes can be detrimental to your progress
● How an increase in awareness can keep moving you forward
● How honouring your body helps you honour yourself

Rita’s comments in this episode:

● “When I...was connected with Coach Kath, she was actually referred to me by my doctor.”
● “Now I see myself as someone who is very capable of success at this. Working with Conscious Weight Loss has been instrumental in that.”
● “I’ve made some pretty big decisions about some travel and some opportunities...that I think only happened because of that work that I was doing.”

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